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Functional Fitness Training

Welcome to Infinity Fitness, where the goal is not to simply make your body look better, but to have your body performing at it's best.

With Christian, CPTS (Certified Personal Training Specialist), a graduate of the Fitness Institute International, Boca Raton, who holds a degree in sports science and was once a  professional athlete, you will experience the advantage of Functional Training. His extensive knowledge and education combined with over a decade of experience in pioneering functional fitness training, allows him to cater to an extremely wide spectrum of clients.

Through Functional Training, you will not only obtain the body you wish for, but you will also achieve a more balanced body that performs far better than it could with a standard workout.

The philosophy behind functional training is the training of natural occuring movements. Instead of targeting a single muscle, functional training uses the concept of challenging muscle systems. The use and manipulation of the body's muscles through a 'smarter workout'.

Don't be satisfied with a body that simple looks better — get one that works better!

Functional Training

When we talk about function, we are speaking of the wide spectrum of natural occurring movements, which have a purpose or utility in every day life.Functional Training concentrates on these movements and enhances the coordination pattern towards a specific activity.

Rehabilitation has used Functional Training for many years and research shows that neglecting neuromuscular efficiency can result in a muscle imbalance, bad performance and injury. Machines certainly provide you with an increase of maximum strength, but stabilization in one single plane
helps you little in an integrated system.

What is all the strength in the world worth, if you cannot control it?

Functional Training gives you the strength your body can use.

Our daily life and sport specific movements are integrated, mostly asymmetrical and single leg dominated, multiplanar and dynamic.

On our journey through mastering Functional Training you will optimize your performance, which is our final fitness goal.

Functional Training is common physical sense and therefore can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

S.T.E.P.S. to Success

S.creening is the initiation that provides a working knowledge base of the client's past and present health history as well as health habits.

T.esting once a client has been thoroughly screened and cleared for exercise programming, the next step is fitness testing. The purpose of testing is threefold: 1st educating the client about his fitness status in relation to health standards, 2nd providing data that will help in development of exercise programming, and 3rd collecting baseline data against which future testing data may be compared.

E.valuation after collecting all the above given data, the client can be evaluated, based on compared to respected literature.

P.rogramming the exercise program is just the result of the above collected information and the professional trainer's knowledge.

S.upervision is the ability to implement and complete a successeful session by motivating, correcting, and making the client enjoy the workout


Enjoy your success!

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