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Welcome to CryoTherapyMiami

After the Japanese came up with the idea of 'whole body cryotherpay (WBC)' in 1978, it was polish scientists, who embraced it, in order to relieve chronic pain and made it to what it is today.

The 'Ice-Bath' of the 21st Century has such remarkable physical and mental health benefits, that elite athletes around the world have been using it already for a while and now it is your turn to get your healthy cold.




'the power of the cold can change your life




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Cryotherapy Facial exclusively @Cryotherapymiami

Miami's first and original place for cryotherapy facials and localized applications - a truly game changing experience!


Miami Beach's 'ORIGINAL' Whole Body Cold Therapy Chamber and first Facility in the Miami Area for localized Cryotherapy and Facials.