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Safety Instructions and Preparation


Safety Instructions for Whole Body Cryotherapy:


1.You must wear cotton or wool socks and underwear (esp men) to avoid chilblain. 

2.Treatments are limited to 3 minutes (or less) per session

3.Overexposure to the cold temperatures may cause chilblain.                                                 

4.During treatment, you must avoid inhaling the nitrogen fumes, while non-toxic, they are devoid of oxygen and may cause fainting.

5.If you are to fall during fainting it may cause serious injury.
6.During treatment, you must keep your hands visible to the operator on the upper rim of the cryotherapy chamber as instructed.
7.You may end the procedure at any time if you experience any problems or anxiety.
8.Abnormal skin sensitivity to cold may be caused by certain foods, cosmetics, or medication, including but not limited to the following: Tranquilizers, high blood pressure medication.
9.A person who is less than (18) years of age may not use Whole Body Cryotherapy without parental consent.


  • no jewelry, piercings or other metal accessories
  • no body lotion
  • cotton/wool underwear !!! (socks will be provided, but you can bring your own as well)
  • check contraindications (medical clearance by your doctor might be required!)