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Bio-identical signaling - The future of recovery, prevention and performance improvement.

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NanoVi - a revolutionary Technology

The Nanovi, a revolutionary technology, helps repair everyday cell damage caused by what we eat, what we breath, what we are exposed to and oxidative stress.

Damage to our cells is unavoidable and leads to aging and poor health. Fact is, its simply impossible to keep up with everyday repair, but with the help of the NanoVi, we can dramatically increase our capaciy to repair.


How does it work?

The NanoVi produces the exact same biological signal (bio-identical signaling) your body makes to repair cell damage brought on by free radicals (ROS-reactive oxygen species).We have two kinds of free radicals. The 'good ROS' and the 'bad one'. The bad free radical damages our cells,whereas the 'good one' emits the signal to initiate repair.Unfortunately, the damage always outpaces the repair. This is where the NanoVi comes in.

Water droplets in a humidified airstream are exposed to the specific bio-identical signal as they pass through excitiation units inside the NanoVi device. This EZ(exclusion zone)-enhanced humidity is inhaled either using a touch-free delivery system or a nasal cannula.Thanks to the unique properties of the water in the body, the effects of the NanVi device are transferred from the EZ droplets, through the mucus membrane to all proteins in all cells - protein folding! This causes a tremendous and very noticable boost of the naturally occurring biological repair process. 


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Cryotherapy and NanoVi (cold shock proteins):

Cryotherapy activates cold shock proteins, the NanoVi enhances their function and keep them active longer. All it takes is 15min of your time! You might be amazed what this can do for you.

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