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What is Cryotherapy?


Since the ancient times, people have been using the therapeutic powers of the cold for healing pain, reducing inflammations, improving health and preventing diseases.200 years ago, a German scientist,called Sebastian Kneipp dove into the cold water of the Danube in order to treat his tuberculosis (it was a mortal disease at that time). As a result of this, he demonstrated, that even the worst diseases could be treated by stimulating the immune system.Once science evolved, new cryogenic agents have been used for creating low temperatures. The most common one is nitrogen (nitrogen represents 78% of the air that we breath!).

Whole Body Cryotherapy is the exposure of the entire body to extreme cold(-110 to -170 degrees Celsius), lowering the client's skin surface temperature to approximately 32 degrees F in 30 seconds. This remains nearly constant throughout the entire session (up to 3 minutes!). Skin receptors sense the cold and send signals to the brain to promote regulatory functions. It basically stimulates the body's natural response to possibly decrease inflammation, pain, spasms and promote healing. Endorphins released into the bloodstream, can relax the body and create a 'flush out' of toxins. This process puts you in a very energetic feel-good mood, that can last up to 8 hrs. Most people experience the best night of sleep after a cryo session.

Cryotherpay is a non-invasive option for faster muscle recovery from injury and fatigue. That's why so many athletes swear by it. It creates a relief and possible elimmination of pain; promotes blood circulation and the anti-inflammatory effect improves joint and muscular function. It's been widley used to relieve chronic inflammatory arthritic diseases, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, sub-acute injuries and acute pain.



The list below features some of the benefits 'whole body cold-therapy' can do for you:

* Decrease in inflammation(anti-inflammatory), pain relief and improved mobility
* Fast recovery from injuries/surgery
* Reduction of cellulite appearance
* Dramatic stimulation of the immune system (boost!), hormones and nervous system
* Instant relief of chronic joint pain
* Burn Hundreds of calories; stimulation of the metabolism for weight control
* Relieves pain from over exposure to the sun
* Stimulates skin regeneration and reduces the signs of aging, wrinkle reduction
* Alleviation of headaches/migraines and physical/mental stress
* Elimination of soreness through quick removal of lactic acid/toxins; fast delivery
  of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body
* Improvement of skin complexion and certain skin disorders
* Increased energy, improved sleep and helps with insomnia
* Improved rheumatoid and osteoarthritis
* Decreases depressive disorders, anxiety, irritability and fatigue.
* Can help reduce itching and inflammation in serious skin conditions (psoriasis/eczema)
* Enhances sports performance and increases muscular resistance to fatigue
* Fast recovery after intense exercise by 'flushing out the muscles'
* Increases libido/sexual stamina
* Increases blood and lymph circulation/lymph drainage
* Fibromyalgia
* Stronger hair and nails
* Overall better health
* Multiple sclerosis
* Helps to provide relief from nerve pain
* Stronger, fuller Hair
* Psychological competitive edge
* etc.